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Hagen Engler: rendering whiteness visible

Are you in a state of racist rehab? Read Pieter Odendaal’s review of Hagen Engler’s ‘Marrying black girls for guys who aren’t black’ to find out.

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Redemption too easy for ‘The Blacks of Cape Town’?

Does the South African desire for a redemptive narrative elide the complexities of our stories? Reviewer Megan Jones identifies several key questions raised by CA Davids’s ‘The Blacks of Cape Town’.

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A book in search of an audience

Kavish Chetty, reviewing A Bantu in my Bathroom, struggles to come to terms with the split he perceives in Eusebius McKaiser’s radio and literary personalities.

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Shakespeare and the politics of identity in South Africa

Chris Thurman reviews Natasha Distiller’s Shakespeare and the Coconuts: On Post-Apartheid South African Culture, and concludes that this is a book that can and should inform all those who engage with Shakespeare’s work in South Africa.

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