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Fixing South Africa

Jonathan Amid reports on his positive experience at the substantially engaging FLF panel, ‘How to fix Africa’.

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A trying experience

Kavish Chetty rails against the mediocrity of public discourse evinced in the FLF panel, ‘Trial by Twitter’.

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Found in translation or crumbling Babel?

Is the curse of Babel inevitable? Chantelle Gray van Heerden again takes up the niggling question of translation, this time at the FLF.

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To vrek or not to vrek

Chantelle Gray van Heerden considers the implications of fracking, as raised in conversation at the Franschhoek Literary Festival.

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R60 to enjoy an infomercial?

How literary is the Franschhoek Literary Festival? Kavish Chetty is dismayed to find himself in a conversation filled with business jargon.

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Feeding Africa starts with education

Bibi Burger, attending Leonie Joubert’s talk at the FLF, wonders about the paternalism underlying food education in South Africa.

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What has ethics got to do with it?

WTF does ethics not have to do with it? Chantelle Gray van Heerden, prompted by Conversation II at the Dancing in Other Words festival, asks some challenging questions about the role of translation in South Africa.

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Poets in unexpected places

Think poetry is only for the page and stage? Check out what a New York poetry collective are doing in public spaces.

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The ‘transformative potential’ of poetry: a bourgeois ideal?

What is poetry? Kavish Chetty remains unconvinced by the arguments offered at the Dancing in Other Words festival, and hopes for a more robust engagement with the readers of this report.

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Heitsi Eibib’s Grave: Dancing in Other Words Finalé

In his report on the final event of the Dancing in Other Words festival, David Tyfield provides a vivid and stirring account of the evening.

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To make the Nothing Dance

Jonathan Amid gets carried away on a lyrical wave at the first poetry reading of the Dancing in Other Words festival.

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Translation as ethical practice

What would constitute an ethical practice of translation? This was one of the primary conversation topics at the Dancing in Other Words festival. Bibi Burger reports.

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