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Translating: it’s more than language

Sefi Atta, Philip Hensher and Felicitas Hoppe discuss the thorny issue of translation at the Open Book Festival.

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The politics of translation and the translation of politics

All talk, no…talk? Bibi Burger interrogates the rhetoric of translation practice currently dominating the literary festival scene.

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Found in translation or crumbling Babel?

Is the curse of Babel inevitable? Chantelle Gray van Heerden again takes up the niggling question of translation, this time at the FLF.

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Translation as ethical practice

What would constitute an ethical practice of translation? This was one of the primary conversation topics at the Dancing in Other Words festival. Bibi Burger reports.

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Translation in a time of image-capitalism

In his provocative report on Achille Mbembe’s keynote lecture in memory of Professor Colin Richards, Kavish Chetty finds much to speculate about, but is not entirely convinced by Mbembe’s oration.

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