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Die Dansende Digtersfees

INTERNASIONALE MEESTERS VAN POËSIE KOM SAAM BY SPIER Die Dansende Digtersfees / Dancing in Other Words, is ‘n internasionale fees van digters en digkuns wat op Vrydag 10 en Saterdag 11 Mei 2013 op Spier, buite Stellenbosch, gaan plaasvind. Antjie […]

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Censorship in South Africa

In a 2010 University of Oxford podcast, Peter D. McDonald discusses the history and role of literary censorship in South Africa. Latest SLiPnet’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

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South African artists: Toadies or Traitors?

The recent ‘Big Debate’ programme on the theme ‘Have artists sold out’ raised important questions on artistic freedom in South Africa. Mike van Graan’s report offers a critical response, weighing up the issues of white western cultural domination against ANC political intimidation.

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