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Breyten: Poets ‘trying to placate the unknown’

Report on Poetry night with Breyten Breytenbach, Rustum Kozain and Oswald Mtshali Session 3 of the M&G Literary Festival: Thursday August 30, 7pm, Market Theatre LARA BUXBAUM Thursday night, Newtown, Johannesburg, and I find myself carried along in a sea […]

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Call for papers

“On the Contrary: André Brink and his Oeuvre” A conference at the University of Pretoria, 22, 23 March 2013 If there is one thread running through André Brink’s oeuvre, it is his characters’ consistent rejection of the status quo. Whether […]

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Afrikaners not so rigtingbedonnerd after all

 Launch of Rigtingbedonnerd: Op die Spoor van die Afrikaner Post-’94 by Fred de Vries, 22 August 2012, The Book Lounge, Cape Town. ANNEL PIETERSE The crowd gathered at The Book Lounge for the launch of Fred de Vries’s collection of […]


Die perverse lekker waarnemings van Loftus Marais

Bekendstelling van Loftus Marais se Kry my by die gewone plek aguur, 15 Augustus 2012, The Book Lounge, Kaapstad. MELT MYBURGH Kaapstad is ʼn moedswillige ou slet. Sy haal deur haar ribbes asem wanneer Loftus Marais se tweede digbundel by […]

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Zapiro and the poets zap the system

Zapiro en die Digters. Jonathan Shapiro in conversation with Marlene van Niekerk, a colloquium of the Department of Afrikaans-Nederlands at Stellenbosch University. With poets Loftus Marais, Hemelbesem, Rimestein, Antjie Krog, Pieter Odendaal, Bibi Slippers, Adrian Different and Leon de Kock. […]

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Oor wit wees in Afrika

Boekbekendstelling van Roelof Petrus van Wyk se Jong Afrikaner: A Self-Portrait, 26 Julie 2012, Commune 1, Kaapstad. ANNEKE RAUTENBACH Die laaste ding wat hy wil hê, is dat sy Jong Afrikaner-portrette net deur die subjekte van sy foto’s gesien moet […]

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