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Everyone is Edward Snowden

Are we so caught up in the story of Edward Snowden that we lose sight of the real issues at stake? Gareth Langdon takes a closer look at the curious rebirth of dystopia.

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Speak Up Speak Out

This year, the SLiP workshop poets were back at the Youth Day celebrations. Tazneem Wentzel reflects on the changes she perceives since last year’s event.

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Confronting the Naqba

A new documentary film, ‘The Village Under the Forest’, shows South African Jews confronting a history of Palestinian displacement. But while the film challenges and unsettles some cherished myths, it reinforces others.

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Athol Fugard in Stellenbosch

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Observations of an ornithologist

In this week’s poem blog, John Eppel renders our feathered friends in lyrical detail.

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Facing the climate

SLiPnet’s Pieter Odendaal stumbles upon an exhibition of cartoons that address the issue of climate change.

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Language policy in South Africa and the unfounded fears of a Zulu hegemony

Should citizens be concerned at the ‘Zulufication’ of South Africa? T.O. Molefe thinks not.

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The middling good Gatsby, maybe

The 1920s, Blade Runner style? J Brooks Spector discusses Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

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