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How Xpanda’s blunder became ASASA’s grave mistake

Are standards slipping at the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa? Rebecca Hodes considers the implications of some of the decisions recently made by this body.

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Adrian Leftwich: The Unforgiven

As a young man, recently deceased anti-apartheid activist, Adrian Leftwich, sold out some of his closest friends and comrades in exchange for his own freedom. Rebecca Davis looks back on a haunting South African story.

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Remembering Stephen Watson: A Legacy at Risk

On the two year anniversary of the death of poet and scholar Stephen Watson, David Tyfield reflects on the implications of this loss to South African English poetry.

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SA’s intellectuals: Who is speaking the truth and exposing the lies?

The role of South Africa’s intelligentsia and scholars needs to be examined as they are meant to guide the national conversation and sound the alert on deception. Where is the voice of the intellectuals when the Zuma administration has the country spiralling into the abyss?

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A man who may warn ya, alarm ya and disturb ya: Andile Mngxitama

Writer Andile Mngxitama is no stranger to controversy: in fact, he seems to actively court it at every turn. But many are saying that Mngxitama has crossed a line in his calls on social media for violence to be inflicted on activist Jared Sacks.

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