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Oh Shucks, there’s a Zulu in my curriculum

Pierre de Vos regards UKZN’s decision to make Zulu a compulsory course for all first years as a step in the right direction.

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The Jozi Shore phenomenon and cultural representation

UCT Master’s student, Gareth Langdon, feels misrepresented by the ‘Jozi Shore’ social media phenomenon.

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Ethics knot leaves poetry at sea

Can poetry really change anything? Antjie Krog’s persistent probings at the recent Dancing in Other Words Festival highlighted some uncomfortable ethical concerns, writes Leon de Kock.

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Spider in a jar

Prompted by Kavish Chetty’s challenge to the bourgeois ideal of poetry, Marlene van Niekerk responds in an Afrikaans poem that reflects on the potency of the small gestures and utterances of a minimally shared past.

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‘You cannot heal society without complexity’: an interview with Tomaž Šalamun

Kavish Chetty explores the dangers of poetry in an interview with Tomaž Šalamun, at the Dancing in Other Words festival.

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Poetry and poverty: an interview with Kole Omotoso

‘It doesn’t matter how much you may say that poetry or novels have nothing to do with politics; politics has a lot to do with you and therefore you cannot be indifferent to it.’ Kavish Chetty interviews Kole Omotoso at the Dancing in Other Words festival.

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‘It’s not my show!’: Marthinus Basson on Dancing in Other Words.

Louis Roux chats to radical theatre director, Marthinus Basson, about his role in orchestrating poets, artists and a magician for the upcoming Dancing in Other Words poetry festival at Spier.

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Interviewing “The Beukes”

Ever wondered what Lauren Beukes loved reading as a child, or whether she sometimes writes in the nude? Find the answer to these and many other quirky questions in her interview with SLiPnet’s Chantelle Gray van Heerden.

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