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An interview with Joey HiFi

Joey HiFi. You’ve seen his artwork screaming at you from the shelf of your local bookstore. SLiP sat down with the illustrator and design artist behind those fantastic covers.

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Finding Lauren

Lauren Beukes talks to Wamuwi Mbao about letting the haters hate, and writing what she wants to write.

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Interviewing “The Beukes”

Ever wondered what Lauren Beukes loved reading as a child, or whether she sometimes writes in the nude? Find the answer to these and many other quirky questions in her interview with SLiPnet’s Chantelle Gray van Heerden.

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United African Utopias: A performance art piece remakes Johannesburg

Richard Poplak attends the SPINES performance festival in Johannesburg and goes back to the (probable, possible) future.

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