Open Book 2014


Representing South Africa to the rest of the world - Zakes Mda and Deon Meyer on writing (non-South African) stories that inspire them.

Writing into the crops and boundaries - Vladislavić, Gevisser and Dyer discuss their shared preoccupation with photographs.

Urban Verse: The Sequel - Sound of poetry in the city, sounds of the city in poetry: check out our report on the Open Book Urban Verse event.

It takes a community to write a book - Want to publish a book? Check out Fiona Leonard's advice to aspiring writers.

Another sinless season - Damon Galgut chats to Chantelle Gray van Heerden about the things that make people uncomfortable.

Translating: it’s more than language - Sefi Atta, Philip Hensher and Felicitas Hoppe discuss the thorny issue of translation at the Open Book Festival.

“I Write Exactly What I Want To Write About” - Damon Galgut and Zakes Mda on why they choose not to write about South Africa.

A bit of difference, indeed - Sefi Atta on women's roles, nationalistic love and swapping skins.

Jazz, the human condition and the ongoing moment - Geoff Dyer: Cocky, arrogant and damn charming in equal parts.

Writing sexuality (or not!) - What do we not talk about when we talk about writing sex(uality)?

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