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Amy Stimson reports on the launch of Richard Poplak’s new book, Until Julius Comes.

Can I be a white African feminist? Lunette Warren asks herself some difficult qestions.

Make sure you watch this space as reports of the 1014 Silwerskermfees come in!

In his review of Arctic Summer, Wamuwi Mbao reflects on Damon Galgut’s unique place in the South African literary scene.

Our August poetry project elicited some powerful poems about women. Read them here and get inspired to submit your own.

Dawn Garisch responds to the submissions for our July Poetry Project. Come and share in these ‘Encounters’.

Zoë Wicomb’s October takes the protagonist back to her Namaqualand hometown to confront old secrets. Read Chantelle Gray van Heerden’s review here.

Commemorate women in our August Poetry Project. See our prompt for inspiration, and send your submissions to slip.stellenbosch@gmail.com by Sunday 17 August 2014.

URGENT NOTICE: Due to technical difficulties, we have been unable to access the July ‘Encounters’ Poetry Project submissions. Please could everyone who submitted poems  resubmit their poems to slip.stellenbosch@gmail.com by 7 August 2014. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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