Silwerskermfees 2014

Die busrit van jou lewe - report by Magdel Venter
Nicola Hanekeom se 'Trippie' en Bennie Fourie se 'Vuil Wasgoed' was twee van die top kortfilms by die onlangse Silwerskermfees. Lees Magdel Venter se resensiese hier.

A second round-up of Silwerskerm short films - report by Steyn du Toit
Check out Steyn du Toit's overview of the second batch of original shortfilms commissioned for the Silwerskerm festival.

I, Afrikanerreport by Steyn du Toit
Steyn du Toit reviews Annalet Steenkamp's DFF award-winning documentary 'I, Afrikaner', screened at the recent Silwerskermfees.

A first round-up of Silwerskerm short filmsreport by Steyn du Toit
Steyn du Toit offers us a taster of his pick of the films on offer at the Silwerskermfees.

Balbesit - report by Steyn du Toit
The highly acclaimed theatre production 'Balbesit' has made the transition from stage to screen. Steyn du Toit reviews this documentary, now showing at the kykNET silwerskermfees.

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